International Business (Japan Studies)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)

Award Title:
Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in International Business (Japan Studies)

(Full-time, UGC Funded)

Normal Period of Study:
· 4 years (for normative 4-year degree)
· 3 years (for Advanced Standing I students)
· 2 years (for Advanced Standing II students)

Part I

Minimum Number of Credit Units Required for the Award

Normative 4-year Degree Advanced Standing I Advanced Standing II
120 credit units 93 credit units 63 credit units

Aims of Major

This major aims to:


1.           prepare and develop students for a career in International Business Management with focus on Japan

2.           study the operational and strategic management of multinational corporations (MNCs) and the changing global environmental forces, structures, and institutions which impact on and influence the operation of the MNCs, with particular emphasis on Japanese Multinationals.

3.           develop in students the intellectual skills of understanding the theories of international business; defining problems and understanding the approaches to solve problems related to international business; communicating with Japanese businessmen using the appropriate Japanese language style; evaluating the literature and other sources related to international business.

4.           develop graduates who can demonstrate high proficiency in the English and Japanese languages; deep understanding of the culture, society, economy and politics of Japan; global mindset; high level of computer literacy, and good analytical and research skills.

5.           produce graduates who possess a variety of transferable attributes including communication and international business management skills to work with companies and people of different nationalities; the broad-mindedness to accept opinions, feedbacks and criticisms from people of different ranks and cultural backgrounds; the leadership skills to help subordinates achieve their tasks; the maturity and independence to respond to complex issues arising from international business.

Intended Learning Outcomes of Major (MILOs)

Upon successful completion of this Major, students should be able to:

1.           Demonstrate key knowledge and skills in business and management specific disciplines.

2.           Communicate effectively in English and Chinese.

3.           Apply creative and critical thinking in solving business-related problems.

4.           Attain personal and team goals using individual and interpersonal skills.

5.           Demonstrate awareness of ethical and global issues in business.

6.           Demonstrate competence in fundamental concepts and models related to the strategy and operation of MNCs in the international business context.

7.           Analyze major issues related to effective management of MNCs in the international business context, with emphasis on firms associated with Japan.

8.           Apply knowledge of diverse cultures and societies to deal with intercultural problems in business.

Part II

Major Requirement (45 credit units)

1.     Required Courses (30 credit units)

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditUnits
CTL2959Beginning Japanese I *3
CTL2965Beginning Japanese II *3
CTL3969Intermediate Japanese I *3
CTL3989Intermediate Japanese II *3
CTL4929Advanced Japanese for Business *3
CTL4944Practical Business Japanese I *3
CTL4945Practical Business Japanese II *3
MGT3429Perspectives on Japan: Cultural, Social, Political and Economic3
MGT4222Japanese Management3
MGT4227International Business #3

* restructured course, syllabus pending
# new course



2.     Elective

(For BBA3, BBA4) (12 credit units to be chosen from the courses below)

(For BBA2) (12 credit units to be chosen from the courses below, 6 more credit units to be chosen from the courses below or from related language courses to be approved by Programme Advisor)          


Course Code

Course TitleCredit Units
CTL4946Advanced Japanese *3
CTL4947Improving Japanese Communication Skills *3
MGT3422Product and Service Innovation Management3
MGT3424Principles of Entrepreneurship3
MGT4101Project +3
MGT4208Cross-cultural Negotiations3
MGT4225Global Human Resources Management3
MGT4229Special Topics for International Business 3
MGT4230Management & E-Commerce3
MGT4238Japanese Multinationals3
MKT4605International Marketing3

* revised syllabus, syllabus pending                      
+ revised syllabus



3.     Major Research Courses (3 credit units to be chosen from the courses below)


Course Code

Course TitleCredit Units
MGT3412Research Methods in Management3
MGT4239Business Research Skills for Japan3


Part III

Additional Information

Students may need to take 15 credits of minor/elective courses to fulfil the minimum credit requirement for graduation.

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