CHIN1001 University Chinese I (大學中文 I)

Part I

Course Duration:
1 semester
Credit Units: 3
Level: B1
Medium of Instruction: Chinese (Cantonese/Putonghua)
Medium of Assessment: Chinese (Cantonese/Putonghua)
Prerequisites: Grade E in HKALE AS Chinese Language and Culture, or Level 3 in HKDSE Chinese
Precursors: NIL
Equivalent Courses:
Exclusive Courses: NIL

Part II

Course Aims:

This course aims to:

1.     enhance students’ Chinese language proficiency and communication competencies through extensive and critical reading;

2.    develop students’ ability in effective exposition;

3.    engage students with the art of persuasion.

4.    provide a bridging gateway and build the foundation for students to take on University Chinese Language II;

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs)
Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:  

No.CILOsWeighting (if applicable)
1.Produce written text in Chinese with linguistic accuracies and appropriateness.  
2.Produce oral presentations with clear ideas, concise wordings, and well-structured arguments. 
3.Undertake exposition tasks on complex subjects in a clear and systematic way, demonstrating a controlled use of organizational patterns and detailed texts.  
4.Adopt and synthesize strategies to perform persuasion tasks.  

Teaching and Learning Activities (TLAs)
(Indicative of likely activities and tasks designed to facilitate students’ achievement of the CILOs.Final details will be provided to students in their first week of attendance in this course)
CILO No.TLAsHours/week (if applicable)
1Students read and discuss a range of texts to draw on exemplar of vocabulary builder, idea presentation, argument development and so on 
1Students revise and edit selected written samples to develop the awareness on accurate writing and appropriate choice of words  
2,3,4Students are input with theories and knowledge related to exposition and persuasion, so to have a general understanding of what the skills and strategies are 
2,3,4Students are exposed to and given opportunities to discuss and draw on good practices and exemplars of effective exposition and persuasion  
2,3,4Students are given hands-on practices and exercises on expository and persuasion skills in both writings and oral presentations, so as to reinforce their learning in these areas   
2,3,4Students are engaged in role simulations to put theories into practical situations 
1,2Students are given self-access/self-learning materials to do after class, so as to reinforce and strengthen their Chinese language proficiency 

Assessment Tasks/Activities
(Indicative of likely activities and tasks designed to assess how well the students achieve the CILOs. Final details will be provided to students in their first week of attendance in this course)

CILO No.Type of Assessment Tasks/ActivitiesWeighting (if applicable)Remarks
1,3,4Argumentative essay(s)  (Total: 4000 words)(clear presentation of arguments, accurate language use, appropriate linguistic choice, impressive vocabulary)40% 
2,3Oral presentations(demonstrating effective use of exposition skills) 20% 
2,3Role simulations(demonstrating effective use of persuasion skills)20% 
1,3,4Reading portfolio(Notes, summary and learning from the readings.)20% 

Grading of Student Achievement: Refer to Grading of Courses in the Academic Regulations

Grading pattern:
Standard grading of A+, A, A-, B+, B ….  will be used. Grading is based on student performance on attaining the learning outcomes in the assessment tasks.

Part III

Keyword Syllabus

Accuracy in Chinese language usage. Vocabulary building and word choice. Critical Reading. Elements of effective presentations. Writing definitions, expository pieces and summaries. Using categorization, examples, compare and contrast, interpretation, analogy and connotation to perform exposition tasks. The art of persuasion. The influential language and persuasion strategies.

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