AC2102 Behind the Accounting Numbers

Course Aims & Objectives:
Aim: Accounting numbers play an important role in the modern economy.  This course provides an introduction to the understanding and appreciation of the meaning and the nature of accounting numbers in financial reports, together with an insight into alternative methods of financial reporting in Hong Kong and the reasons for the adoption of different reporting methods.

Objectives: On completion of the course, students will be able to:
(a)   Appreciate the role accounting information in the modern business economy.
(b)   Access and retrieve resources of financial information, including the web.
(c)   Comprehend the nature of accounting numbers in financial reports and the alternative methods in financial reporting in Hong Kong.
(d)   Understand the economic rationale underlying financial reporting and the mechanisms influencing the quality of financial reports.
(e)   Visualise the format of a published financial report of Hong Kong listed companies for an initial appreciation of the significance of its contents.

Units: 3

Level: B2

Medium of Instruction: English

Keyword Syllabus:
The Use of Accounting in Modern Business Economy.  Financial Reporting in Hong Kong.  Elements of Financial Reporting.  Assessment of Data in Financial Reports.  Interpretation of Accounting Information.

Teaching Pattern:
Duration of course: 1 semester
Current mix of lecture/tutorial/laboratory, other: 3 hrs seminar

Assessment Pattern:
Examination duration: N/A
Percentage distribution of marks for coursework, examination, other : 100% Coursework

Coursework consists of quizzes, a mid-term test, case studies presentation and a case project of a listed company in Hong Kong.  Quizzes and mid-term will contribute at least 20% and 30% towards the overall assessment.

Grading pattern : Standard (A+AA-...F)

Pre-requisite(s): Nil

Pre-cursor(s): Nil

Equivalent Course(s): Nil

Exclusive Course(s):

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