Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Digital Media Broadcasting

Award Title:
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Digital Media Broadcasting

UGC Funded

Part I

Maximum Period of Study: 6 years

Number of Credit
Units Required for the Award: 96 credit units

Programme Aims

This programme aims to train students to be professionals in the digital media broadcasting industry. It puts students on the forefront of broadcasting technology and enables them to learn a broad range of digital media skills, concepts, content, forms, trends and terminologies. It develops and extends students’ creative potential and nurtures their entrepreneurial expertise. It prepares graduates to take up the artistic, innovative, technological and management role in the ever changing media sector such as television, Internet and telecom.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)

Core to the educational virtue of the program is a fundamental education inherent in all the courses that enables students to reflect on the ethical and social responsibilities required of professional citizens in a global society, to relate cultural awareness in order to collaborate effectively in a broad range of teamwork situations, to apply multi-disciplinary critical thinking skills to solve problems and create new ideas, to apply effective communication, language, numerical and IT skills to a variety of professional settings, and to generate a positive and flexible approach to lifelong learning and employability.

Programme specific PILOs:
Upon successful completion of this Programme, students should be able to:

1.     Explain and describe digital media broadcasting attributes, characteristics, trends and cultural

2.     Collaborate in a multi-disciplinary team to perform effective programming,
 design and
        production for digital broadcasting

3.     Create new ideas and solutions to live studio and field digital broadcasting

4.     Adopt and exploit emerging IT and digital broadcasting technologies and engage
 in life-long

5.     Communicate effectively, deliver and perform critical analysis of programming
 and content
        for various digital media broadcasting applications

6.     Apply mass communication theories and principles for digital media broadcasting

7.     Reflect on the legal, ethical and social responsibilities of a digital media
        professional in a global society

8.     Describe and analyze business and entrepreneurial aspects for digital media 

9.     Effectively use digital media broadcasting in marketing, communication and

10.   Apply specialized knowledge in selected area(s) of digital media broadcasting

Part II

Programme of Study

1.     University Requirements: (21 Credits)

        Chinese Civilization Courses
(6 Credits)

Course Code

Course Title

Units Worth


Chinese Civilization Courses


        Language Requirement (6 Credits)

Course Code

Course Title

Units Worth


University English courses offered by the ELC for students who do not qualify for exemption from ELC courses OR

Language courses approved by the Senate for students who are exempted from ELC courses


Out-of-Disciplines Courses / General Education Courses (9 Credits)

(a)    Completion of SCM courses and any courses within the BADMB curriculum will NOT be 
         counted towards the fulfillment of OOD requirement.

(b)    Students must take at least 3 credit units from the General Education (GE) courses in
        fulfilment of the 9 credit units of out-of-discipline (OOD) requirement and this will be
        applicable to senior year entrants from 2009/10. However, students taking a Minor to fulfil
        the ODD requirement will not be required to take an addition of 3 credit units from the GE

Students who intend to take a Minor, a maximum of 6 credit units can be double counted to
        fulfill both your programme requirement (i.e. programme required courses, programme
        elective courses, Language courses or Out-of-Discipline courses, etc) and the Minor

Course Code

Course Title

Units Worth


Out-of-Discipline / General Education (GE) Courses (at least 3 credit units chosen from the approved GE courses)


Programme Core Courses: (36 Credits)

Course Code

Course TitleUnits Worth
COM2101Introduction to Media and Communication3
COM2116Audience Analysis and Media Strategies3
COM3106Media and Society3
COM3203Digital Journalism3
CS2373Introduction to Web Technology for Digital Media3
MKT2681Introduction to Marketing3
SM1014Sound Basics and Design 3
SM2501Introduction to Digital Broadcasting & Interactivity 3
SM2503Production Fundamentals3
SM3501Studio Production: Live and Recorded3
SM3502Writing for Digital Broadcasting3
SM3602Animation I3

3.     Elective Concentrations: (Total 39 credits)
Students can choose any elective courses from Year 1 Semester B onwards.

        * Core courses for Broadcasting Stream (Total: 15 credit units)

Course CodeCourse TitleUnits Worth
Design and Production for Broadcasting
CS3373Advanced Web Technologies for Digital Media3
SM1204Fundamentals of Programming I3
SM2002*The Art of Editing3
SM2007Culture, Society and New Technologies3
SM2206Television Commercials3
SM2229Documentary Production3
SM2504Graphic Design3
SM2505Television Genre3
SM2506 Audio/Visual Culture3
SM2607Games/Interactivity Fundamentals3
SM3503*Producing for Digital Media3
SM3504Program Acquisition and Distribution3
SM3505Programming Standards and Practice3
SM3506*Studio Lighting and Cinematography3
SM3507*Directing for Digital Media3
SM3508Webcasting & Radio Broadcasting3
SM3509Audio Studio Production3
SM3510Interactive Broadcasting Media Design and Production3
SM3511Interface Design3
SM3512 Interactive Content Design      3
SM3513*Intermediate Production Workshop3
SM3702Pervasive, Mobile and Locative Media3
SM4129 Digital Visual Effects3
SM4501Studio Management3
SM4502Animation for Interactive Content3
SM4503Advanced Studio Production3
SM4504Advanced Studio Lighting & Cinematography3
SM4505Live Sound Broadcasting 3
SM4506Advanced Production Workshop3
SM4507Internship (Broadcasting)3
Marketing and Management
FB2300Management 3
FB3302Interactive Skills Workshop for Business2
MGT3424Principles of Entrepreneurship 3
MKT3603Consumer Behavior3
COM2104International Communication3
COM2105Visual Communication3
COM2201News Writing and Reporting3
COM2202Writing for the Media3
COM2401Introduction to Advertising3
COM2402Introduction to Public Relations3
COM2407Integrated Marketing Communication Principles and Practices3
COM2501Internet Communication3
COM2509Interactive Digital Communication3
COM3115Communication Laws and Ethics3
COM3404Event Planning and Management3
COM3406Strategic Media Planning3
COM3408Integrated Strategic Communication3
COM3411Interactive Advertising3
COM3412Advertising Production Design3
COM3413Production for Public Relations Communication3
COM3507Digital Arts and Communication3
COM4114Crisis Communication3
COM4305Current Affairs Documentary Production3
COM4306Television News Reporting3
COM4307Television News Production and Anchoring 3
COM4308Television News Practicum3
COM4403Communication Management3
COM4504Communication Design3

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