EL0114 College English 1: Writing

Course Aims & Objectives:
The course aims to enhance students’ expository and persuasive writing skills on a variety of practical, social and professional topics. The course will also help students to acquire a basic knowledge of grammar and usage in areas relevant to their academic and social skills.

Units: 1

Level: A1

Medium of Instruction: English

Keyword Syllabus:
The syllabus is identical to that of EL0104. It differs only in the content covered under discourse structures.

During the course, students will develop their ability to produce clear, well organised writing by:

  • Planning an essay
  • Identifying controlling ideas
  • Writing introductions and conclusions
  • Highlighting the topic through thesis statements and topic sentences
  • Supporting topic sentences in a variety of ways
  • Sequencing essay content logically
  • Using linking devices to achieve coherence within and between paragraphs
  • Analysing the discourse structure of a variety of genres
  • Proofreading the work of themselves and others
  • Pursuing individual learning goals as a result of feedback

Specific language points will be dealt with as they occur throughout the course.

Teaching Pattern:
Duration of course: 36 hours
Current mix of lecture/tutorial/laboratory, other: 100% tutorial

Assessment Pattern:
Examination duration: 70 minutes
Percentage distribution of marks for coursework, examination, other: 30% coursework, 70% examination
Grading pattern: Pass/Fail

Pre-requisite(s): Nil

Pre-cursor(s): Nil

Equivalent Course(s): Nil

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