Committee Against Sexual Harassment (CASH)

The membership of CASH (effective from 1 July 2017) is as follows:



Mr Sunny LEE

Vice-President (Administration)

Ex-officio Members



Ms Helen LEUNG

Prof Jian LU 

Dean of Students

Director of Human Resources

Vice-President (Research & Technology) & Dean of Graduate Studies



Dr Maria CHENG

Associate Professor (Department of Linguistics and Translation)

    Prof Shuk Han CHENG Chair Professor of Molecular Medicine (Department of Biomedical Sciences) & Chair Professor (Department of Materials Science & Engineering)

Dr Arthur CHEUNG

Senior Teaching Fellow (Department of Public Policy)

Ms Elizabeth CHEUNG

Associate Director (Student Development Services)

Dr Sylvia KWOK Associate Professor (Department of Applied Social Sciences)
    Dr Linda LAI Associate Professor (School of Creative Media)

Dr LEUNG Lai Ching

Associate Professor (Department of Applied Social Sciences)

Mrs Eva NG

Associate Director (Human Resources Office)

    Prof Muammer OZER Professor (Department of Management)



Prof Kelvin YAU

Professor (Department of Management Sciences)



Dr Eva LUI

Special Assistant and Manager (Boards and  Committees)