Committee Against Sexual Harassment (CASH)

1.      The Committee Against Sexual Harassment (CASH) is appointed by the President, comprising academic and administrative and services staff members in both genders from different Colleges, Schools and Departments and Administrative Units who are familiar with the University’s Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures, have knowledge of related legislation, are sensitive to gender issues and possess relevant training and experience in related issues.

2.      The composition of CASH is as follows:



A senior academic or administrative and services staff

Ex-officio Members

(Also as designated recipients of sexual harassment complaints depending on the identity of the alleged harasser)


Director of Human Resources

Dean of Students

Dean of Graduate Studies



Not more than ten academic or administrative and services staff including:

(a)    One nominee of each of the Ex-officio Members,

(b)   Other nominees by the Provost, Vice-Presidents or equivalent and Deans



An administrative and services staff

3.      The Chairperson and Members, other than the Ex-officio Members, will be appointed to serve initially for a term of two years. Subsequent appointments will be on staggered terms. Members may be appointed to serve as Subject Officer or a member of an Investigation Panel to investigate formal complaints on sexual harassment.

4.      The terms of reference of CASH are as follows:

(a)    To provide support to the promotion of awareness of the Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures in the University.

(b)   To identify and recommend changes to policies/practices on sexual harassment that may be inconsistent with the legislation.

(c)    To inform staff and students of available options, and their right to lodge complaints on sexual harassment internally or externally with the Equal Opportunities Commission, the police, and the courts.