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Questions Data Bank Available at

A data bank of past interview questions classified by industries is now available at the e-Portal / Blackboard (Univ. Services (Student) >> CAREER AND LEADERSHIP CENTRE) exclusively for CityU students’ reference. 

Do not hesitate to check it out!

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Do’s and Don'ts in Interviews


Be punctual
Be clean, tidy and presentable
Be confident, natural and positive – Be yourself!
Maintain eye contact with the interviewers
Smile and nod appropriately

Listen to the questions carefully (if you don’t understand the question, ask for clarification)
Give direct, concise and brief answers
Stay focused on answering interviewer's questions
Always match your strengths/professional knowledge/skills/work experience with the job requirements
Give specific examples to illustrate your point (e.g. describe an actual experience in which you demonstrated your leadership)

Answer questions honestly – do not give “model answers”
Show independent and logical thinking – do not repeat others’ views without having thought deeply about them.
Answer the hidden questions
Be prepared to be asked “awkward” questions (e.g. Your GPA is low, why? Well, you did not do well in public examinations. You have sat for HK Advanced Level Examination three times already.)
Show enthusiasm and interest in the job



Be late
Be sloppy, narrow-minded, rude and passive
Try to be someone else
Memorise and recite answers to questions
Lie, bluff, try to please
Do not beat around the bush, do not “ramble”
Talk too much/too little
Become emotional
Try to be funny
Unduly emphasise starting salary
Linger over fringe benefits
Attend an interview unprepared