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  • Assessment Centres 101
    Start Date/Time: 2020/4/24 12:30
    End Date/Time: 2020/4/24 14:00
    Venue: Zoom
    Target: Undergraduate students Research postgraduate students
  • Enhancing Your Employability
    Start Date/Time: 2020/4/17 12:30
    End Date/Time: 2020/4/17 14:00
    Venue: Zoom
    Target: Undergraduate students
  • Mock Group Interview
    Start Date/Time: 2020/4/20 12:30
    End Date/Time: 2020/4/20 14:00
    Venue: Zoom
    Target: Undergraduate students Research postgraduate students
  • Smarten Up Your Career Plan
    Start Date/Time: 2020/4/21 12:30
    End Date/Time: 2020/4/21 14:00
    Venue: Zoom
    Target: Undergraduate students
  • Career Sharing from Fund Management Professionals
    Start Date/Time: 2020/4/21 18:00
    End Date/Time: 2020/4/21 19:30
    Venue: Zoom
    Target: All students












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Friday, 3  Apr  2020


Career and Leadership Centre offers


to students by appointment.  Students are welcome to discuss issues relating to their career and further studies with our professional Career Advisors who have solid working experience across various business fields and the public sector.  You may seek their advice regarding:  

·         CV review and advising

·         Cover letters review 

·         Job application advising

·         Job search skills

·         Interview skills

·         Assessment centre / aptitude tests

·         Occupation profiling

·         Career planning

·         Internship guidance and opportunities

·         Further studies advising


See profiles of:

Career and Leadership Centre Career Advisor Team


Who are eligible?  

  • Current CityU undergraduate and research postgraduate students (EXCEPT College of Business students*)
  • CityU alumni, including College of Business students, who have graduated for not more than 9 months


* College of Business students may seek career advice from Business Career Development Team of CB:


How to make appointments?

Please make your appointment by fill in the online form at

We will get back to you within 3 working days.


Please understand that we have put in extra care and efforts in offering consultation sessions.  Please check your calendar to confirm that you are available before you book a session.  


Preparation for the Consultation

Please prepare your resume and / or cover letter (in soft copy) and share them with the advisor during the career consultation to maximise your learning.  If you will have a job interview, please prepare the job requirements.

Appointment Policy

  • Students may take maximum 10 consultation sessions in one academic year.  Students who wish to have extra consultation sessions must seek special approval from Career and Leadership Centre. 
  • Fresh graduates (including College of Business students) may use our career consultation services within 9 months after their graduation and have a maximum of 6 consultation sessions.


Cancellation / No Show Policy 

  • You should be a responsible person and release the resources to others in need.  In case you wish to cancel / postpone an appointment, please email us at before 12:00 noon of the PREVIOUS WORKING DAY prior to your consultation session.


Late cancellation

Cancellation after 12:00 noon of the previous working day (excluding weekends and public holidays) prior to your scheduled appointment, you will not be eligible for making appointments in the following 1 week.


Students who are absent without notifying CLC in advance (“No-show”) will not be eligible for making appointments in the following 2 weeks.

Arrive late

Students who arrive more than 20 minutes late will not be eligible for making appointments in the following 1 week.

Honesty Policy

Do not attempt to get around our policy by faking your identity, number of consultation sessions conducted, your study mode, etc.  We have high expectation on our students’ honesty and integrity.  With any violation of this policy, students are subject to penalties stipulated in the University Student Code of Conduct.