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Career Services

 Career Education Programs 

Having the essential skills for a job is important. Knowing the ways to present your skills is equally important. As a student, are you confident that your talents can be fully discovered by employers? Our Career Education Programs are designed to help you equip yourself with these skills so that you can demonstrate them to your prospective employers when you are applying for a job.

Career Talks

Familiarize yourself with organizational structures, screening requirements, and career development opportunities of prospective employers at our 90+ Career Talks. Check our online career calendar for career talks and workshop schedules.


Resume Clinic

Improve your skills in writing resumes and self-introduction letters for job applications, volunteer positions, academic scholarships and awards in a professional way.


Interview Workshop & Practicum

Acquire skills on how to present your strengths in an interview. Your actions recorded during mock interviews can be reviewed and improved during the practicum sections.


Practical Workshops on Specific Occupations

Learn and practise for the entry requirements of some of the more popular jobs such as those offered by the Big 4, AO/EO, and the Disciplinary Forces.


 Employment Services 

Getting a desirable job requires concerted efforts. To do so, you need skills, knowledge, and of course the opportunities to reach the job. You are welcome to make use of our services in search for part-time and/or full-time jobs and internship opportunities.

Campus Work Scheme(CWS) & Campus Internship Scheme(CIS)

Gain practical working experience part-time under staff supervision to enhance your whole person development.


Job Search Tools

Make use of our job search facilities to view job vacancy information via JIJIS (Joint Universities website) or JobPlus (CityU website).


Training Workshops

Train yourself to understand employer/employee expectations and prepare yourself ready for taking up the challenges at the workplace.