City University of Hong Kong

Obligations of CWS Recruiting Units

  1. Recruiting units are expected to devise training plans for their CWS student helpers and provide them with suitable on-the-job training, guidance, and regular feedback during their employment.
  2. The work of CWS must be able to allow students to learn the generic skills needed in the workplace. The work must be supervised by a designated member of faculty or staff, who should be responsible for providing mentorship and necessary training.
  3. CWS recruiting units are required to contribute two-third (2/3) of hourly training stipend towards the students' total stipend. Recruiting units using external funds to support the remuneration should follow the guidelines laid down by the funding body regarding the appointment of student helpers, if any.
  4. For recruiting units under CCCU, they are required to provide full support for students' staff costs by using their own funding.
  5. A formal employer-employee relationship is established when the student helpers are appointed.
  6. Recruiting units are reminded to set relevant policies and guidelines for students whose job duties may involve handling of sensitive issues, such as data processing, cash handling, etc. and for jobs that may require students to work under hazardous environment.