City University of Hong Kong

Funding Arrangements

  1. For all CWS recruiting units (except CCCU), students' stipend are supported by the University's central fund. For recruiting units under CCCU, students' salaries will be supported by CCCU's own funding. To simplify the funding arrangement processes, the Finance Office will remunerate in full all the students' total stipend ($52 per hour worked) using the University' central fund in the first instance for the CWS.
  2. Based on the records of distribution of manpower maintained by the Banner System, the Finance Office will arrange the reimbursement from all CWS recruiting units (except CCCU) of two thirds of the stipend cost paid. Also based on the Banner records of distribution of manpower, Finance Office will seek recovery from CCCU the full staff cost paid. The recovery process will be carried out by the end of each month after the payroll process.