City University of Hong Kong

Operating Guidelines

  1. CIS must be pre-approved by the Committee before recruitment of the student(s).
  2. Applications will be vetted and approved by a Committee appointed by VP/SA.
  3. The progress of student interns should be monitored by their Supervisors. Evaluation and/or feedback will be collected: at least one during mid-term and one upon completion of CIS.
  4. Upon satisfactory completion of the CIS assignment, interns are required to submit an evaluation and a short journal, which will be used to assess to what extent the ILOs are achieved.
  5. One-third of the cost of CIS will be paid by the University when the interns receive their monthly pay. The recruiting department or the project involved, whichever is applicable, will be responsible for the remaining two-third throughout the assignment period. Upon successful completion of CIS, students with satisfactory performance will be issued with a certificate, and an additional one-third of the total cost will be released as a lump sum payment to the department/project, thus making the total subsidy of two-third of the total cost from the institutional budget.
  6. All Project Investigators should set the end date of the related CIS job assignments at least one month before the expiry date of the research projects to ensure timely reimbursement of the project and student payroll. Request for reimbursement of CIS funding for research projects should be raised in full amount within 3 months upon completion of the CIS project or before the expiry of the valid research project code, or on 5th July of the financial year after the project ends, whichever is earlier.
  7. Please note that any application for amendment of the approved CIS proposal(s) shall be subject to further approval by the CIS Approval Committee. In any case, the final claimed hours shall not exceed the original approved total work hours for the whole project. Hours exceeding the approved amount will not be reimbursed.
  8. A ceiling of 150 hours per student intern per project will be applied on all approved projects. The hours exceeding the approved amount will be sponsored under CWS. The above rules for sponsorship will apply provided the overall institutional budget is available. Recruiting units will have to cover their own costs of hiring when the central budget is depleted.
  9. The work should comprise 150 hours of service inclusive.