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AACSB EQUIS Association of MBAs Berkeley International Partner

About the Scheme


BST is the first CSE unit offering the Cultural and Language Immersion Scheme (CALIS) when it was launched by the University in 2010. This well-received programme was then extended to CS department in 2011 and in 2012 to the rest of the CSE departments.

The main purpose of the Scheme is to help students improve their English communication skills through immersion in overseas language learning and cultural activities. The Scheme includes intensive English classes, cultural and social activities, interaction with local people via homestay, industrial visits as well as community service projects.

About the Scheme

This 1-month programme takes place in UK, students have a choice to go to either a university in London or Sheffield. Apart from taking formal English classes at the host university, there are guided-visits to various famous scenic spots and cities, performing community services at local NGOs, primary schools and elderly centres, participating in some traditional English sports such as horse-riding, golf, rugby and cricket, and various cultural activities. Each student is arranged to live with a local family as home stay.

A formal IELTS test is arranged to measure students’ progress and achievement towards the end of the Scheme.

On completion of the Scheme, students will be able to:

  1. Communicate in English with increased confidence in different real-life situations.
  2. Demonstrate a better understanding of intercultural difference between Hong Kong and England.
  3. Apply language learning strategies and cross-cultural communicative skills for use in a cross-cultural environment.
  4. Possess good leadership skills and be a successful team player.