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Solar thermal system


The application of solar thermal power system is positioned the first place in the renewable energy power technology. The solar radiation in any location undergoes daily and seasonal variations. In some periods, the incoming solar energy may not be adequate for the intended purpose and so an auxiliary power supply is needed. On other occasions the solar input energy may exceed the immediate demand and the design decision is then either to store or to dump the energy in surplus. This has to be evaluated on individual case basis for achieving the best outcome. For a domestic hot water (DHW) system, the acquired heat energy is usually stored for only a few hours. Therefore the “total system” concept, including the overall system control of the heat load, the solar heat collection, and the auxiliary heating provisions, is required to be analyzed all together. On the other hand, the centralized solar DHW heating and distribution system for groups of houses or apartments can be considered. In a high-rise residential building in Hong Kong, arrays of flat-plate collectors that occupy the south and west façades can provide the complimentary effect. Unlike the building-integrated photovoltaic (BiPV) systems, the economic benefit can be visualized today, not in the future.


Centralized solar DHW system for a high-rise residential


Monthly thermal gain of arrays of solar


Average hot water temperature of thermal storage calorifier throughout 8760 hours


Alternative solar heating devices like the different evacuated tube designs and solar-assisted heat pump technologies should be well analyzed for applications in different climate zones.


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