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District cooling system


Land reclamation has been a long term government policy of expanding the Hong Kong urban areas along the waterfront. These flat pieces of land are ideal sites for the application of district cooling technology. At a central refrigeration plant, chilled water is generated and supplied to a district to support the air-conditioning systems in buildings. Because of the large-scale production, together with the convenience of bringing in seawater for condenser cooling, the chiller plant is higher in efficiency than those in individual buildings. The customers can also use the building space of their own more effectively. Energy modeling methodology and decision approach were derived for determining the most desirable scheme for a given project. The process involves a series of building design load computation, dynamic simulation, and plant energy consumption analyses for different phases of development. Various optimization techniques were used.

Basic DCS provisions for subtropical climate 


DCS plant component network under TRNSYS simulation platform 

                            One proposed district cooling site in Hong Kong C the South East Kowloon Development


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