Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences


This programme covers in modern biomedical disciplines such as:

  • systems biology
  • medical technology
  • bioinformatics
  • infectious disease
  • laboratory medicine
  • biomedical regulatory compliance

Students are required to complete a minimum of 120 credits for Normative 4-year Degree and a minimum of 75 credits for Advanced Standing II (ASII). Core courses cover the following:

  • Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry
  • Cytology and Histology
  • Hematology and Immunology
  • Physiology and Pathophysiology
  • Transfusion Science
  • Virology and Medical Microbiology
  • Laboratory Practice
  • Laboratory Diagnostics Management and Regulations

Clinical Laboratory/Industrial Attachment

The programme provides students with solid experience in a real-world environment, broadens the experience of students and enhances their employability.

Curriculum Structures

Cohort 2016 onwards

Cohort 2015 (Top-Up)

Course Syllabuses

Students can review the course syllabuses in details from Undergraduate Catalogue.

Suggested Study Plans

For Normative 4-year Degree (2016 cohort)

For Advanced Standing II (2016 cohort)

Student Handbooks

Student Handbook (2015–2016)

Student Handbook (2016–2017)

More Information

Academic Regulations and Records Office (ARRO)

25 November 2016