Course Grades

  • Course grades are approved by Assessment Panels set up by the teaching academic unit
  • Approved grades will then be sent to the Academic Regulations and Records Office for updating in the student's academic record.
  • No grade is official until it is published in the student's grade record in AIMS.


Accessing Grades
  • Go to AIMS, select "Student Record" Menu and then "Grade Display" from "My Academic Record" to view your grades for each semester.
  • The date that you can start to view your course grades for each semester is announced in the Assessment website. If you find that "In Progress" is still marked against any course(s) in your record, this means that grades for those courses have not yet been submitted by the Assessment Panel.
  • Explanations of the terminology in the Grade Display are given below:

    Status  - Your enrolment status
    Earned Hours - Credits gained through successful completion of a course or credit transfer
    GPA Hours - Credits contributing to the Grade Point Average calculation
    Points - Grade points multiplied by the number of credit units for all courses
    GPA - Grade Point Average
    Exclude/Include  - Course is excluded or included in the calculation of GPA / earned credits
    Academic Standing - Provides an indicator of your academic progress. Click HERE for the definitions of different standings  
    Maximum Credit Units Permitted - You are not allowed to register for further courses if you have reached the maximum credit units permitted
    Total Credit Units Completed - Your total number of credit units completed. Credit units completed in EL0200 English for Academic Purposes and/or CHIN1001 University Chinese I are also included.


Grade Table
  • Grade of Courses
    Grade Grade Point Grade Definitions
    Before 2017/18 From 2017/18
    Excellent Strong evidence of original thinking; good organization, capacity to analyse and synthesize; superior grasp of subject matter; evidence of extensive knowledge base. Excellent These qualifiers define student performance with respect to the achievement of course intended learning outcomes (CILOs) stipulated in the respective course syllabuses which are available on the University’s website.
    Good Evidence of grasp of subject, some evidence of critical capacity and analytic ability; reasonable understanding of issues; evidence of familiarity with literature. Good
    Adequate Student who is profiting from the university experience; understanding of the subject; ability to develop solutions to simple problems in the material. Fair
    D 1.0 Marginal Sufficient familiarity with the subject matter to enable the student to progress without repeating the course. Marginal
    F 0.0 Failure Little evidence of familiarity with the subject matter; weakness in critical and analytic skills; limited, or irrelevant use of literature. Failure
    P   Pass ''Pass'' in a pass-fail course. Courses to be graded on a pass-fail basis are specifically identified under the course catalogue. Pass
  • Operational Grades
    Grade Grade Definitions
    * Grade with * is excluded in the calculation of GPA. The credits earned will not be counted toward the minimum credit requirement for graduation but will be counted toward the maximum number of credit units permitted.
    AU "Audit". An audited grade is assigned when an auditing student has completed the conditions established at registration as an auditor. No assessment is made or grade awarded for auditing.
    I ''Incomplete''. A grade of incomplete may be granted (i) where there are extenuating circumstances that have prevented a student from completing required work, or attending the examination; (ii) at the discretion of the Assessment Panel. Where an "I" grade is assigned, the Assessment Panel will approve a schedule for the completion of work, or a supplementary examination. An alternative grade should be assigned no later than four weeks after the "I" grade is first reported or as soon as practicable thereafter.
    IP "In progress" for a year-long course, assigned in the semester which is not yet due for reporting grades.
    TR "Credit Transfer". Assigned when a student is granted transfer credits for the course.
    WD "Withdrawn". Assigned when a student has registered for the course in a semester/term and subsequently submitted a notification of withdrawal from the University.
    X "Late Drop". Assigned when a student is permitted to drop the course after the add/drop deadline.
    Z "Exemption". Assigned when a student is exempted from the course.


  • Students attaining grade D or better, or a P grade in a pass-fail course earn credit units for the course.
  • Grades F, IP, I, Z, AU, X and WD do not earn credit units.
  • Grades P, IP, I, TR, Z, AU, X and WD are not counted in the calculation of a student's Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) or Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).


Course Repeat Rules
  • Students who fail a required course in their study programme must repeat the course to retrieve the failure.
  • Students can repeat a failed course twice. Failing a required course the third time may result in termination of studies.
Course Retakes
  • Undergraduate students may repeat a course, or an equivalent course, to recover a failure or to improve a course grade of D.
  • After the first attempt, only two repeat attempts are permitted.
  • Course grades for all attempts will appear on the student's transcript, but only the latest grade earned will be included in the calculation of the student's grade point averages.


Substitute Course
  • A substitute course can be approved by the Dean of the major/minor-offering academic unit under exceptional circumstances for a student to replace the required course with another.
  • The approved substitute course can be used to recover a failure for the required course but cannot be used to improve a course grade of D.
  • Required courses are those courses that must be passed to complete degree/programme requirements, and hence course substitution is not applicable for GE courses or electives, of which students have more than one course to choose from to fulfill award requriements.


Grade Point Averages
  • Grade Point Averages are indicators of a student's academic performance.
  • The Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) is calculated for all courses taken in one semester, including failed courses, but excluding courses graded P, IP, I, TR, Z, AU, X and WD. It is weighted by the credit units for each course taken.
  • The Cumulative GPA (CGPA) is calculated for all courses taken by the student during enrolment for a specific programme. It reflects the student's performance for all semesters up to the latest term of study. The computation is the same as the SGPA except that for course repeats, only the latest attempt is included in the CGPA calculation.
  • Grade Point Averages are calculated up to 2 decimal digit with the 3rd digit truncated.
  • Both the SGPA and CGPA are shown on students' transcripts.


Dean's List
  • Bachelor's and Associate Degree students who have earned 12 credit units or more with a GPA of 3.7 or greater and no failures over a semester can be recommended for the Dean's List.
  • Eligibility of part-time students for the award will be assessed once a year at the end of Semester B taking into account courses taken in Semesters A and B.
  • The award of Dean's List will be shown on a student's transcript.