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Alumni Associations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1:
What benefits a CityU alumnus can enjoy?
CityU alumni are entitled to a wide range of on-campus and off-campus benefits covering campus facilities, continuing education opportunities, hospitality leisure and so on.

Question 2:
How can I identify myself as a CityU alumnus?
You are encouraged to apply for the CityU Credit Card which helps perpetuate your link with your alma mater while entitles you to a number of privileges exclusive to the cardholders. Besides, every time you spend with the Credit Card, Hang Seng Bank will donate part of your total spending to the University. At no extra cost, you can make contributions to your alma mater! Alternatively, you may choose to apply the CityU Alumni Card issued by the Alumni Relations Office.

Question 3:
Can departments get access to updated data of their respective alumni?
While the Alumni Relations Office assumes the central administration and coordination of University's alumni data system, departments can get access to their respective alumni data. The operation of the system complies with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Hong Kong, and continuing efforts are made to update the alumni records. Besides, alumni are always encouraged to use the CityU free alumni email account services (forwarding function is available) which carries a unique CityU identity. Alumni can also update their information via alumni update form or AIMS wherever there is any change of personal information.

Question 4:
How can alumni associations promote their activities to CityU alumni?
Various promotion channels are available, including "What's New" under Alumni Relations Office homepage, Convocation website, e-newsletter sent to our alumni through email bi-weekly and Facebook.

Question 5:
How can I know more information about CityU alumni associations and networks?
Check out our current list here which provides links to relevant websites, if any. The Alumni Relations Office is pleased to provide advice and support to our alumni associations which help promote the affinity among fellow alumni and the University. For more information and enquiries, please contact the following officer:-


Ms Pheony TSANG