Study Tour

Canada Study Tour (14 July - 14 August 2018)

The University of British Columbia (UBC) was as the partner institution in AIS Study Tour to Canada, this study tour well balanced both the academic and cultural exploration aspects. Students were expected to be able to apply their discipline-specific knowledge and skills in assessment tasks; use their social and communication skills in social activities; and understand Canadian culture and society better. All these have been successfully fulfilled with evidence of students’ reflective reports and as well as their videos.

The tour consisted of three major parts: 1) A package of two academic courses; 2) Socio-cultural activities; and 3) fieldtrips and visits. To cater for the board interests of our students’ major studies and streams, three packages were selected for their own choice. They were:

Package A) Global Migration, Local Communities: Asian Canadian Histories
  • Is Asia in Vancouver: Academic Perspectives
  • Is Asia in Vancouver: Community-Based Research
Package B) International Finance, Trade and Politics
  • International Trade and Financial Markets
  • Dynamics of Democracy and Global Uprisings
Package C) From Stage To Screen: how Vancouver ‘plays’ to a Global Audience
  • From Drama to Theatre: How Does a Play Mean?
  • Documentary & the City

According to the grade letter issued by UBC, our students did quite well especially those in package H. All of them had passed all courses.

Socio-cultural activities included having various sports activities with UBC and other foreign university students; social events included film watching, berry picking and so forth. Students also organized other social gathering activities such as a night-out for firework, fun cooking at the student dormitories etc.. Most of them expressed that their social skills had been improved.

Field trips to China Town, Gulf of Georgia Cannery, Richmond Night Market, Museum of Anthropology and visits to the Rockies, Whistler and Victoria had deepened their understanding about the place, the people and their way of living.