GUO Yipeng

Bachelor of Social Sciences in Asian and International Studies
2012 cohort

National Top Ten of the Phoenix Satellite Television Uradio Campus Talk Show Host Competition 2014
The Uradio Campus Talk Show Host Competition was held by Phoenix Satellite Television in late 2014. Chinese speaking undergraduate students from all over the world were able to join in the competition. Over 1,000 students participated, with just ten ultimately being able to enter the final and be given the opportunity to present a talk show on Phoenix’s famous TV show. The aims of the competition were to encourage talented students to demonstrate their ability, to promote communications among the youth and to recruit hosts of Uradio.

Shared by the awardee
"I was very lucky to be one of the ten awardees. The other nine competitors were students from broadcasting degrees of mainland universities, while I was the sole non-professional competitor. I believe my unique experience of studying and living in Hong Kong, alongside my knowledge of international relations, gave me an advantage in terms of being able to present fresh and amusing ideas and topics. This has been a great experience in my life; one that I will never forget. After all, only a few people ever get the chance to appear on TV and I am lucky enough to be one of them."