WONG Vanessa Natalie

Bachelor of Social Sciences in Asian and International Studies
2014 cohort
Nominee of Bank of China Hong Kong Sports Stars Awards

Recipient of Sports Aid Grant offered by HK Sports Institute

Best Female Speed Skater of the Year
2007 to date

Wong began skating at the age of three and has been consistently selected as the Hong Kong representative of skating since 2004. Wong has achieved eight Hong Kong speed skating records. The fact that she is currently ranked 17th at the Senior World Highest and 6th at the Senior Asian Highest speaks for her achievements to date. Given Wong’s strong track record, she has had the opportunity to represent Hong Kong in both world and Asian championships, such as the Asian Games and the All-China Games. Currently, she is a Hong Kong senior skating team member.

Shared by the awardee

"I am a speed skater and have been representing Hong Kong in the World Roller Speed Skating Championships and Asian Roller Speed Championships since 2007. Being a Hong Kong representative enables me to meet people from all over the world, and to understand and appreciate different cultures. It is without hesitation that I affirm that my decision to read a degree in Asian and International Studies allows me to take a better glimpse of the political, economic, social, environmental and cultural aspects of different places, which in turn is shaping a unique me. "