Chenguang SUN

PhD Candidate
2013 cohort

Second Best Paper Award of the Subforum "Community Development and Planning Embedded in the era of China's Featured Urbanization” 2014-15

The subforum "Community Development and Planning Embedded in the era of China's Featured Urbanization", organized by Tongji University, represented an important section of the 2014 Annual Convention of China's Sociological Association. Since Tongji University has for many decades stood among the most highly-esteemed academic institutions on urban study in Mainland China, this annual subforum is perceived as a great opportunity for Chinese urban scholars across the globe to discuss critical issues such as community participation, sustainable urban development and urban cultural critics. Fifteen presentations were made in the subforum and I was the only presenter who addressed as a PhD student. Three of these presenters went on to be honored with the Paper Award.

Shared by the awardee
"It came as a surprise when I was announced as a recipient of this award, because many of the exceptional experts around me presented compelling case studies and arguments on urban issues, many of which were, I felt, more sophisticated than my own. Receipt of this great honor is undoubtedly a compliment to young and promising urban scholars; it has left me greatly encouraged and hoping to contribute further to China's urban sociological research. As a Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) holder, it is now possible for me to attend various academic conferences, where my arguments can be examined and my ideas refreshed, especially during discussions with specialist bigwigs. So, work hard and grasp the chance."