Research Grants

including General Research Fund (GRF), Early Career Scheme (ECS) and Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange (CCK) awarded since 2006

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Year: Grant Type:
Project Title Investigator Type Year Amount (HK$)
Regional Organizations and Responses to the Global Financial Crisis in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia Prof Paul CAMMACK GRF 2012-13 $477,654
Privatising Development? The International Finance Corporation's impact upon development in Asia Dr Toby CARROLL GRF 2019-20 $486,680
Executive Accountability under Authoritarian Rule: The Role of Southeast Asia's Legislatures Prof William CASE GRF 2008-09 $530,544
"Caring for carers": A study of the precarity-transnationality nexus in the life course of migrant domestic workers Dr Yuk Wah CHAN GRF 2021-22 $825,734
Workshop on "Asian Migration and Diasporas: Mobility, Diversity and Development" -- Expert Meeting and Book Series Launch, 2016 Dr Yuk Wah CHAN CCK 2015-16 $171,600
Chinese or Vietnamese? The Chinese Vietnamese Diaspora in Vietnam Dr Yuk Wah CHAN CCK 2010-11 $100,104
Negotiating Parliamentary Control of the Armed Forces in Praetorian Regimes. Evidence from Myanmar Dr Renaud EGRETEAU GRF 2019-20 $870,344
The Rise and Decline of Thailands Royalist Order: A Study in the (De-)Legitimation of Power Dr Federico FERRARA GRF 2015-16 $295,600
Religious Minorities in Asia: Assessing Legal and Social Approaches to Diversity Dr Chiara FORMICHI ECS 2013-14 $379,000
Unhealthy Populism: COVID-19 in Southeast Asia Dr Diego FOSSATI GRF 2021-22 $1,200,155
The meaning of democracy and democratic consolidation in Indonesia Dr Diego FOSSATI ECS 2020-21 $963,599
The Unnamable Archipelago: Insular Readings in Contemporary Japanese Literature Dr Dennitza GABRAKOVA GRF 2014-15 $70,000
China and the Caribbean in the 21st century Dr Ruben GONZALEZ VICENTE /
GRF 2015-16 $664,200
The Political Economy of Rice: A Comparative Analysis of the Success and Failure of the Green Revolution in Southeast Asian Countries Dr Yin Hlaing KYAW GRF 2010-11 $461,756
Silent Victory: Transnational Redress Movement of Korean Atomic Bomb Victims Dr Claudia KIM ECS 2021-22 $567,580
Madness and Mental Illness in Chinese Literature: A Contribution to Cross-Cultural Medical Humanities Dr Birgit LINDER GRF 2013-14 $308,000
Hospital Autonomy in Vietnam Dr Jonathan LONDON GRF 2016-17 $478,700
Changing Patterns of Threat Securitization in Democratic Taiwan Prof Daniel LYNCH GRF 2018-19 $751,000
How Small Cities Think: Knowledge Systems for Urban Climate Resilience in Thailand Dr Danny MARKS ECS 2020-21 $432,851
Environmental Protests and Political Change in Authoritarian Regimes: The Case of Vietnam Dr Stephan ORTMANN ECS 2018-19 $944,552
Muslim Voices in Buddhist Myanmar: A Comparative Study of Indo and Sino-Burmese Islam Dr Thomas PATTON ECS 2015-16 $468,000
Local Actors, Institutions and Mechanisms: Unraveling Inter-governmental Dynamics of Climate Governance in China Dr Bo MIAO /
GRF 2016-17 $607,000
Combining Citizenships: How Asia and Europe Intersect to Drive Global Investment Migration Dr Justin ROBERTSON GRF 2020-21 $687,540
Accommodating Global Finance: The Integration of Emerging Markets within the Offshore Economy Dr Justin ROBERTSON GRF 2016-17 $491,060
Does Corporate Nationality Still Matter in the Era of Globalization? Investigating Ownership and Power in the Twenty-First Century Dr Sean STARRS ECS 2015-16 $998,040
The Role of Cities and Provinces in China’s regional relations Dr Nicholas THOMAS GRF 2020-21 $948,230
Asian Diseases in International Affairs Dr Nicholas THOMAS GRF 2013-14 $959,800
The Significance of Taiwan's Subnational Relations with Japan Dr Nicholas THOMAS (Principal) &
Dr Bradley WILLIAMS (Associate)
CCK 2012-13 $609,021
How does Backsliding affect Pushback? Comparing Opposition to Autocratization in the Philippines and Thailand Prof Mark R THOMPSON GRF 2021-22 $831,799
The Rise of Illiberal Populist Rule in the Philippines Prof Mark R THOMPSON GRF 2017-18 $610,680
Democracy and its Discontents in Southeast Asia Prof Mark R THOMPSON (Principal) &
Prof William CASE (Associate)
GRF 2013-14 $853,920
The Political Economy of China’s involvements in Kazakhstan: state interests, social conflicts, and economic cooperation Dr Linda TJIA ECS 2020-21 $770,300
Governance by uncertainty: Assessing the impact of ad hoc enforcement in China Dr Denise VAN DER KAMP ECS 2019-20 $867,112
Cultivating Conservatives, Clandestinely: The Role of US Covert Action in Building Friendly Regimes in Japan and South Korea Dr Bradley WILLIAMS GRF 2019-20 $206,568
Anatomy of a "Friendly Spy": Japan and Intra-alliance Intelligence with the United States Dr Bradley WILLIAMS ECS 2014-15 $766,775
Gender, Ethnic Culture, and Household Decision-Making in Urban China Prof Xiaowei ZANG GRF 2008-09 $686,424
Women and Birth in Transition: The Politics of Childbirth Medicalization in Reform era China Dr Jun ZHANG GRF 2019-20 $935,279
Demolish the walls, Rebuild the city: Infrastructural Transformation and the Emergence of Urban Governance in Republican Canton, China Dr Jun ZHANG ECS 2019-20 $957,369
Old Neighbourhoods, New Spaces: Urban Reconstruction and Governance in China’s Urbanization Dr Jun ZHANG GRF 2016-17 $611,180