Internal Grants

More information on the research projects can be accessed from CityU Scholars - Projects.
Year: Grant Type:
Project Title Investigator Type Year Amount (HK$)
Institutions and Innovation in China: A Comparative Political Economy Analysis of Venture Capital and University-Industry Collaboration in China's Innovation EconomyDr Douglas FULLERSRG2020$78,796.25
The Political Ecology of Urban Flooding in Thailand: A Three City AnalysisDr Danny MARKSSRG2019$99,583
The Political Ecology of Urban Flooding in Thailand: A Three City AnalysisDr Danny MARKSSRG2018$95,351
Empowering the Nepalese Youth in Hong Kong through Engaged Anthropology and Ethnography-writingDr Yuk Wah CHANKTG2018$199,970
The CityU Sustainability Debate SeriesDr Justin ROBERTSON,
Dr ZHANG Jun and
Mr Sandeep CHULANI
(Round 7)
Investigating the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Role in the Transformation of DevelopmentDr Toby CARROLLSRG2016$94,339
Sustainable Cultural Development: Heritage Governance and Cultural Resource ManagementDr Yuk Wah CHANCSF2016 (Round 5)$170,000
Inventing Food and Food Ways: Towards a Sustainable ModelDr Yuk Wah CHANCSF2015 (Round 4)$165,900
Hospital Autonomy in Vietnam - Phase 2Dr Jonathan LONDONSRG2015$97,640
GROW: A Student-led Model for Sustainable Urban AgricultureDr Justin ROBERTSONCSF2016 (Round 5)$91,643
GROW (Green Roofs Over Walls) ProjectDr Justin ROBERTSONCSF2015 (Round 4)$778,940
Sustainable Strategies for a Student Residence: Integrating Low-Cost Technology with Behavioural ChangeDr Justin ROBERTSONCSF2015 (Round 4)$225,000
The Singapore Model and Its Influence on ChinaProf Mark R THOMPSONSRG2015$96,023
中國「國學」現象與日本「國學」的比較研究:探索東亞民族主義的根源及特徵Dr WANG XiaolinSRG2015$100,000


Campus Sustainability Fund is established by the Office of the Provost in 2012 to support education projects that can make a contribution to promote sustainability. Projects should seek to transform processes and / or engage the campus community with a view to changing attitudes and behaviours that will result in a long-term impact on campus sustainability outcomes. The outputs of projects might include reports, artistic works, multi-media materials and demonstration structures, as well as other forms as appropriate.
Strategic research is defined as "Work leading to the advancement of knowledge which in general has important utilizable consequences in the context of Hong Kong and beyond". Applications are invited in summer every year, with the submission deadline being early November. An announcement and call for applications will be made by the Research Grants and Contracts Office. Grants will be awarded after the University's research committee meeting in March of the following year.
Knowledge Transfer (KT) is considered the third mission of a university, along with teaching and research. Traditional KT activities like technology licensing, patenting, contract and collaborative research, and consultancy are well developed and supported by well-established schemes of the University. To broaden the scope of our KT activities, the University has set aside a budget from the UGC Knowledge Transfer Earmarked Fund to support KT initiatives from the College of Business, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and the School of Law. The above scheme, coupled with the Applied Research Grant that supports downstream research, will help to drive the KT development of the University in both science and non-science disciplines.