Research Interests of Staff

Staff Name Specialism Discipline University (PhD)
Prof LYNCH Daniel C
China’s developmental trajectory
Chinese foreign policy
East Asian security relations
State-society relations
Political Science, International Relations University of Michigan (United States)
Professor of Politics and Head
Democracy in Southeast Asia
East Asian authoritarianism
Political Dynasties in Asia
Political Science Yale University (United States)
Associate Professor
The political economy of development
Multilateral development organisations
Critical political economy
Development in Southeast Asia
Political Economy Murdoch University (Australia)
Dr CHAN Yuk Wah
Associate Professor
Migration studies
Asian borderlands
Vietnamese-Chinese relationships
Vietnamese and Chinese diaspora
Outbound Chinese tourism
Food, heritage and culture
Death studies
Anthropology Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Dr FERRARA Federico
Associate Professor and Associate Head
Political Development
Comparative Political Institutions
Political Science Harvard University (United States)
Associate Professor
International Political Economy
Firms as Actors
US International Economic Relations
The Foreign-Domestic Divide in Emerging Markets
Political Science, International Relations University of Warwick (United Kingdom)
Dr THOMAS Nicholas
Associate Professor
Chinese Foreign Policy
Health Security in Asia
Asian security
Political Science, International Relations University of Tasmania (Australia)
Dr WANG Xiaolin
Associate Professor
Sino-Japanese Comparative Philosophy
Japanese Intellectual History
Japanese Literature
East Asian Comparative Political Thought
East Asian Intellectual Thought and Sino-Japanese Relations National Kyoto University (Japan)
Dr LINDER Birgit Bunzel
Assistant Professor
Madness and Literature
Medical Humanities
Gothic in Literature and Culture
Chinese Literature and Culture
Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies
German Literature
Comparative Literary Studies University of Wisconsin-Madison (United States)
Dr MARKS Danny
Assistant Professor
Urban political ecology
Environmental justice
Climate change governance
Disaster risk reduction
Human Geography University of Sydney (Australia)
Dr OH Sunyoung
Assistant Professor
Language contact in East Asia
Interface between language & culture
Language education in Asia
Korean Studies University of British Columbia (Canada)
Dr ORTMANN Stephan
Assistant Professor
Authoritarian regimes
Politics of East and Southeast Asia
Contentious politics
Political learning
Comparative Politics University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany)
Dr PATTON Thomas
Assistant Professor
Buddhist Studies
Religion in Southeast Asia
Devotional and Contemplative practices
Material and Visual Culture
Myanmar (Burma)
Religious and Asian Studies Cornell University (United States)
Dr STARRS Sean Kenji
Assistant Professor; Exchange & Internship Coordinator
World Order & American Hegemony
East Asian Political Economy
Critical Political Economy
International Relations, International Political Economy York University in Toronto (Canada)
Dr TJIA Linda Yin-nor
Assistant Professor
Transport and Infrastructure Development
Socialist Reform and Development
Social Capital and Social Development
Political Economy, Social Capital and Social Development Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong)
Assistant Professor
International Relations of the Asia-Pacific
Comparative Asian Politics
Japanese Politics
International Relations; Comparative Politics Monash University (Australia)
Dr YEW Wei Lit
Assistant Professor (Visiting)
Comparative Politics
Social/Environmental Movements
Contemporary Chinese Politics
Southeast Asian Politics
Comparative Politics City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Assistant Professor
Social Transformation
Urban Studies
Class Politics
Politics of Infrastructures
History and Anthropology
Anthropology; Urban Studies Yale University (USA)
Dr CHAN Kobe
Instructor & Programme Leader of Undergraduate Studies (ASIS)
Cultural Studies
Film studies
Film Studies, Sociology, Cultural Studies University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Dr CHONG Melody
Asian culture and management
Leadership and organizational behavior
Cross-cultural management
Student creativity
Research regions: Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Brazil, Germany and the United States
International Business and Management, Asian Studies University of South Australia (Australia)