Taught Postgraduate

Master of Arts in International Studies

The Programme, commencing in 2010, is the first and the ONLY one of its kind in Hong Kong that develops expertise on issues of Asian and International Studies. This is an essential skill for anyone who wants to understand the future and forge an international, successful career.

This Programme positions students to better comprehend and manage future challenges and issues - either in Asia or in other parts of the world.

The Programme caters to local students as well as overseas students from both developed and developing countries, both within the region and elsewhere.

This programme allows students to:

  • Gain an advanced understanding of international politics
  • Analyse pivotal issues across the fields of political economy, political science, security studies and international relations
  • Undertake research on contemporary issues and problems relevant to international studies
  • Investigate governance challenges facing international organisations, governments, markets and civil societies
  • Gain knowledge to give you a distinct advantage in a competitive world

Programme Leader: Dr Bradley WILLIAMS

Rules on Academic Honesty