Minor Degree Programmes

Application Procedure

Online application, please visit:

Criteria for Awarding a Minor Degree

Students are awarded a Minor Degree if their GPA is 2.0 or above in the minor program. All courses taken for the Minor Degree will be counted into the CGPA.

For details and enquiries, please contact

General Office
Tel: 3442-6355
Email: ais.enquiry@cityu.edu.hk
Y7601, 7/F, Lift No. 4, Yellow Zone, Yeung Kin Man Academic Building,
Department of Asian and International Studies,
City University of Hong Kong

Minor Degree Programme Coordinator: Asian Studies/ International Studies/ Development Studies
Dr Linda Tjia (linda.tjia@cityu.edu.hk)
Minor Degree Programme Coordinator: Japanese Studies
Dr Melody Chong (ctchong@cityu.edu.hk)
Minor Degree Programme Coordinator: Korean Studies
Ms Julia Han (ctjulia@cityu.edu.hk)

Rules on Academic Honesty