AIS Courses

Undergraduate Courses

Course Code and Title Bachelor Degree programme Minor Degree  Programmes
Asian and International Studies Asian Studies Development Studies International Studies Japanese Studies Korean Studies
AIS2012 Social Research Methods        
AIS2030 Traditions of Inquiry in the Social Sciences        
AIS2032 Hong Kong: Continuity and Change in a Global City        
AIS2040 History and Society in Asia        
AIS2041 Political and Social Development in China          
AIS2050 Comparative Politics and Societies          
AIS2073 Understanding Culture in Japan and China through Film          
AIS2200 Introduction to International Studies Through Film        
AIS2801 Asia in the World: A Critical Appreciation through Film        
AIS2914 Introduction to Japanese Society        
AIS2917 An Introduction to Modern Japanese Literature          
AIS2918 A Portrait of Japan : Experiencing Japanese Culture        
AIS2958 Introduction to Korean Society      
AIS3031 Political Dynamics in Asia        
AIS3032 State and Economy in Asia      
AIS3033 Culture and Change in Asia        
AIS3034 Environmental Challenges in Asia and the World      
AIS3041 Problem-based Studies of Selected Asian Societies and Regions I          
AIS3042 Problem-based Studies of Selected Asian Societies and Regions II          
AIS3046 Asian Migration and the Global Diasporas    
AIS3060 Special Topics in Asian Studies I        
AIS3061 Special Topics in Asian Studies II        
AIS3070 Special Topics in Development Studies        
AIS3121 Theories of International Relations        
AIS3123 Theories of Development        
AIS3124 Special Topics in International Studies I        
AIS3125 Special Topics in International Studies II        
AIS3126 International Political Economy      
AIS3141 Spies, Intelligence and National Security      
AIS3544 Comparative Management: China, Japan, and South Korea    
AIS3800 Professional Internship          
AIS3810 AIS Study Tour      
AIS3810J AIS Study Tour      
AIS3810K AIS Study Tour      
AIS3812 International Experience      
AIS3908 Japan and Cultural Globalisation          
AIS3984 Korean Culture      
AIS4025 Globalization and Socio-Cultural Changes      
AIS4027 Religions and Society in Asia        
AIS4028 Women and Social Change in Asia      
AIS4042 Social Movements in an Age of Globalisation        
AIS4045 Political Sociology        
AIS4060 Directed Research Project          
AIS4071 Globalisation and the Environment          
AIS4072 Contemporary International Politics of the Asia Pacific        
AIS4122 International Organisations        
AIS4123 International Security        
AIS4127 Poverty and the Politics of Aid        
AIS4130 U.S. Politics and Society        
AIS4132 Introduction to India      
AIS4142 Death and Disease      
AIS4201 International Relations: Conflict and Cooperation on Environment and Resources Problems      
AIS4407 Understanding Korean Society through Film          
AIS4921 Japanese Culture          
AIS4988 Contemporary Popular Culture of Korea          
GE1121 The Japanese Way of Tea: History, Arts, Architecture and Philosophy            
GE1209 Identity and Citizenship in a Globalized World            
GE2120 Asian Values and Managerial Practices            
GE2214 Gender, Culture and Society            
GE2215 Tourism, development and society            
GE2239 Food: Culture, Science and Society            
GE3206 China in World Affairs            

Postgraduate Courses

Course Code and Title Master Degree Programme Research Degree
MA International Studies MA Modern Asian Studies MSoSc Development Studies
AIS5001 Theories and Approaches in Development Studies      
AIS5003 Project Planning and Management for Development      
AIS5014 Special Topics in Development Studies  
AIS5021 Asian Regional Governance      
AIS5023 International Political Economy      
AIS5024 The State and Economy in East Asia      
AIS5025 Theory in International Studies      
AIS5026 Research Design for the Social Sciences    
AIS5031 Security Studies      
AIS5032 Authoritarian Resilience and Democratic Change in East Asia  
AIS5034 East Asia and the US: Conflict and Interdependence  
AIS5038 Environmental Challenges in Asia and the World  
AIS5039 Human Rights in Asia  
AIS5040 BRIC Countries and the Emerging Global Order  
AIS5041 Special Topics in Asian and International Studies  
AIS5042 Political and Social Change in Southeast Asia and the Region      
AIS5044 Religion and Development  
AIS5045 International Relations of Northeast Asia    
AIS5048 China and the Developing World    
AIS5049 International Organisations  
AIS5051 Woman and Politics in Asia  
AIS5054 Pop Culture in East Asia      
AIS5055 History of Sino-Japanese Relations  
AIS5056 Power and Culture in Buddhist Southeast Asia  
AIS5300 Politics & Social Movements in Developing Asia      
AIS5304 Development Policy and Advocacy  
AIS5308 Gender and Development  
AIS5312 Comparative Development in Asia      
AIS5335 Welfare Regimes and Social Protection in Asia  
AIS5336 Cutting-edge Cases in Development under Late Capitalism      
AIS5337 Disaster Management, Development and Regional Governance in Asia  
AIS5338 Indonesia: Politics and Society  
AIS5339 Labour and Development
(subject to approval)
AIS5340 Infrastructure Development in China
(subject to approval)
AIS5800 AIS Postgraduate Internship
- For full-time AIS postgraduate students only
- Subject to approval on the medium of instruction
AIS6013 Thesis    
AIS8123 Directed Study in Research Works      
AIS8124 Directed Study in Research Works II      
AIS8125 Research Methods for the Social Sciences      
AIS8126 AIS Seminars for Research Students