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Dr  Birgit Bunzel  LINDER 

BA Equiv. in Sinology, Dutch Literature, Politics (University of Cologne, Germany)
MA in Chinese (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
PhD in Chinese Literature, minor in German (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Post-Doc in Chinese Literature (Peking University, China)

Assistant Professor

Discipline: Comparative Literary Studies

Birgit Linder studied and taught in Germany, the United States, and China. In addition to teaching and researching in the fields of pre-modern and modern literature, comparative literature, Chinese and Asian film, Chinese cultural studies, and German, she has also worked in other areas of higher education, such as establishment of study abroad programs (US-China), curriculum development in Chinese and Asian liberal arts education, service-learning, gender and development studies, social work education, China-India, and Christian Studies in China. Her current research interests focus mainly on concepts of madness and mental illness in Chinese and Asian cultures and literatures, cross-cultural psychologies, comparative literature (Asia, Europe), marginal writers, comparative post-totalitarianism in literature, and issues of national literatures.

Contact information
Office: YEUNG-Y7717
Phone: 3442-5619
Fax: 3442-0180
Email: blinder@cityu.edu.hk
AC1 : Academic 1
MMW : Mong Man Wai Building
TYB : To Yuen Building
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  • Madness and Literature
  • The Gothic in Literature and Culture
  • Survey of Chinese Literature
  • Comparative Literature
  • Film
  • Cultural Studies
  • Topics in Literature and Culture
Research Interests
  • Madness and Literature
  • Medical Humanities
  • Gothic in Literature and Culture
  • Chinese Literature and Culture
  • Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies
  • German Literature
  • Poetry
Current/Recent Research Projects
  • Madness in Chinese Literature
  • Medical Humanities
  • Gothic in Chinese Literature
  • Translations of Chinese madness stories
  • “Alienation and the Motif of the Unlived Life in Contemporary Chinese Literature.” Ph.D.
    dissertation. University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1998.
Articles/Book Chapters
  • 2015. Shou Zhi, “What Are We Up To?” In Geng Song and Yang Qingxiang, eds.
    Listening to the Growth of Salt: Short Stories by the Post-1980s Generation in China. Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (Waiyanshe). 18 pages.
  • 2015. “Metaphors Unto Themselves: Mental Illness Poetics and Narratives in Recent Chinese Poetry.” In Discourses of Disease, ed. Howard Choy. Leiden: Brill. [book chapter]
  • 2014 “Literary Remains: Death, Trauma, and Lu Xun’s Refusal to Mourn, by Eileen J. Cheng”. Chinese Literature Today 4.2 (Winter): 128-38. Review article.
  • 2014 《创伤与真实:中国文学中的疯癫形象》(Beijing University) Chinese Medical Humanities Review 6 (November 2013). [Book chapter; revised translation of “Trauma and Truth” article]
  • 2013. Review of Winter Sun: Poems by Shi Zhi, trans. by Jonathan Stalling, with an Introduction by Zhang Qinghua. Modern Chinese Literature and Culture Resource Center Publication.
  • 2011. “Trauma and Truth: Representations of Madness in Chinese Literature.” Journal of Medical Humanities 32: 291-303.
  • 2011. Peng Jidi彭吉蒂 (Birgit Linder). <<德语翻译史里的中国文化:文学理解,经典文本以及
    德国汉学史>> “China in German Translation: Literary Perceptions, Canonical Texts, and the History of German Sinology.”
  • 2011. “崔小姐在诠释学转向:唐传奇‘莺莺传’的德荷英语重译 Miss Cui Takes a Hermeneutical Turn: Translations and Retranslations of the ‘Yingying zhuan’ in the German, Dutch and English Tradition.” Translated into Chinese by Zhang Jing. Originally published as a book chapter in One Into Many (Rodopi 2003). Forthcoming in Chinese in Zhongguo wenhua 中国文化 (Chinese Culture) (Winter).
  • 2011. “Multiple Pseudonymities: The Affinity by Choice between Kurt Tucholsky and Kaspar Hauser.” German Studies Review 34.1 (February 2011): 45-68.