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Mr Zhongzhi HE

Master of Science in Research Methods with Human Geography, The University of Manchester; Bachelor of Management in Tourism Management, Shaanxi Normal University

PhD Student

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Contact Information

Office: NSB, Room 807
Phone: 3442-6027/3442-7340
Fax: 3442-0180
Email: zhongzhhe2-c@my.cityu.edu.hk
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Supervisor: Dr Chan Yuk Wah

Research Interests / Recent Research Project

  • My current research interests focus on Chinese overseas/migration studies, especially the economic and socio-cultural activities of contemporary Mainland Chinese migrants in western countries. Additionally, my past research projects explore the practical and spiritual significance of traditional downtown Chinatown for new generational Chinese migrants/international students, and also concentrate on the research of tourism economic activities in ethnic minority communities in Chinese cities.