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Dr Nicholas THOMAS 唐寧思

BA (Asian Studies) ANU, BA (Joint 1st Hons) UQ, PhD UTas

Associate Professor; Research Degree Coordinator

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Contact Information

Office: YEUNG-Y7721
Phone: 3442-5301
Fax: 3442-0180
Email: ndthomas@cityu.edu.hk
Website: Personal Website
Personal CV: Personal CV
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Research Interests

  • Chinese Foreign Policy
  • Health Security in Asia


  • AIS5021 Asian Regional Governance
  • AIS5031 Asian Security
  • AIS4123 International Security

Recent Research Projects

  • Asian Diseases in International Affairs
  • China's Subnational Relations
  • Australia-China Relations

Selected Publications and Grants (since 2015)


  • Thomas N & Qin, P. 2021. Threats or Opportunities? Chinese Proto-Elite Perceptions of their Regional Neighbours. Journal of Contemporary Asia. DOI: 10.1080/00472336.2020.1866649.
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  • Thomas N. 2015. The Economics of Power Transitions: Australia between China and the United States. Journal of Contemporary China 24(95), pp. 846-864.
  • Thomas N. (2019). From Friendship to Fear? Australia–China relations, 1950s–2000s. China in Australasia: Cultural Diplomacy and the Collecting, Performance and Display of Chinese Arts since the Cold War (Eds.) James Beattie, Richard Bullen, and Maria Galikowski. London: Routledge, pp 29-45.
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  • Research Grants Council, General Research Fund (GRF) Grant, 2021-2024, Unhealthy Populism: COVID-19 in Southeast Asia, Co-Investigator, $1,200,155
  • Strategic Research Grant (School of Law), 2021-2023, Indian Vaccine Nationalism: Implications for Eastphalian Approaches, Co-Investigator, $96,500
  • Research Grants Council, General Research Fund (GRF) Grant, 2020-2023, The Role of Cities and Provinces in China’s regional relations, Principal Investigator, $995,642
  • CityU Teaching Excellence Award grant, DEC Beyond the Fourth Wall, 2017-2019, Principal Investigator, $150,000