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Dr Melody CHONG 莊珮雯

BA (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Cert. of Japanese Language (Sophia University, Japan), MBA (University of London, UK), GradDipMgmtRes, Ph.D. (University of South Australia)

Programme Coordinator - Minor Degree in Japanese Studies

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Contact Information

Office: YEUNG-Y7714
Phone: 3442-9627
Fax: 3442-0180
Email: ctchong@cityu.edu.hk
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Research Interests

  • Asian culture and management
  • Leadership and organizational behavior
  • Cross-cultural management
  • Student creativity
  • Research regions: Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Brazil, Germany and the United States
Dr. Chong received her first degree in Japanese Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and studied Japanese language at the Sophia University in Tokyo. She received her MBA from the University of London and Ph.D. from the University of South Australia in International Business and Management. She currently teaches Asian culture and management at the Department of Asian and International Studies. She is programme coordinator of Minor Degree in Japanese Studies, and steering committee member of the Japanese tea room. Previously, she worked in a Japanese subsidiary as assistant manager in-charging sales and marketing projects for Asian markets. She serves as member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of World Business.


  • Comparative Management: China, Japan and South Korea
  • Asian Values and Managerial Practices
  • Pop Culture in East Asia (Postgraduate)
  • The Japanese Way of Tea: History, Arts, Architecture and Philosophy (Joint-Teaching)

Recent Research Projects

  • Leadership and student creativity
  • Asian philosophy and management
  • Global leadership from an Asian perspective

Awards and Recent Publications (Selected list)


  • 2018, Winner, Sage Publishers Award for Best Paper in Leadership for the paper entitled " Organizational political tactics: Hanfei’s Legalist doctrines of leadership", Sage Publishers & Management History Division of Academy of Management. The study compares Hanfei's political tactics with the Western developed approach.
  • 2018, Winner, Best Reviewer Award, Journal of World Business, SSCI Q1 International Journal, with impact factor, 3.993 in 2017, and 5-Year impact factor is 5.019. Member of Editorial Board since 2013
  • 2017, Winner, Teaching Innovation Award, The Teaching Innovation Award (Staff category) of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) was established to recognize excellent teaching which demonstrates innovative, effective and well-implemented instructional pedagogies and approaches, and the embodiment of the Discovery-Enriched Curriculum (DEC).
  • 2015, Winner, Outstanding Paper Award from Emerald Group Publishing Ltd for the research paper entitled “Influence behaviors and organizational commitment: a comparative study.” (SSCI) The study investigates the leadership influence tactics used by Chinese and Japanese managers as rated by their Chinese subordinates.

Refereed Journal Articles

  • SHANG, YF, MPM CHONG, XU, J AND ZHU, X. (2019). "Authentic leadership and creativity in China :The role of students’ regulatory-focused behaviors and supervisors’ power sources", Thinking Skills and Creativity. (SSCI/2018: CiteScore: 2.11, Impact Factor: 1.655, 5-Year Impact Factor: 1.969)
  • CHONG, MPM, ZHU, XJ, FU, PP and WONG, LYS, (2019). "Influence Strategies and Work Outcomes: Effects of Attributions", Chinese Management Studies. (SSCI/2018: Impact Factor: 0.936, CiteScore: 1.18, 5-year Impact Factor: 1.034)
  • CHONG, MPM, SHANG, YF, RICHARDS, M., ZHU, XJ, (2018). "Two sides of the same coin? Leadership and organizational culture", Leadership and Organization Development Journal, Vol 39(8): pp.975-994. (SSCI/2018, Impact Factor: 1.067, 5-year Impact Factor: 1.423)
  • CHONG, MPM, PENG, TK, FU, PP, M, RICHARDS, MUETHEL, M, CALDAS, MP, and SHANG, YF, (2015). "Relational perspectives on leaders’ influence behavior: The mediation of Western leader-member exchange (LMX) and Chinese guanxi”, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Vol 46(1): 71-87. (SSCI/2015, Impact Factor:1.795 | Ranking: Psychology, Social 24 out of 62)
  • CHONG, MPM, (2014). "Influence tactics and organizational commitment: A comparative study", Leadership and Organization Development Journal, 2014, Vol 35(1): 54-78. (SSCI/2014 Impact Factor: 0.625, Scopus 0.362)
  • CHONG, MPM, MUETHEL, M, RICHARDS, M, FU, PP, PENG, TK, SHANG, YF, and CALDAS, MP, (2013). "Influence behaviors and employees' reactions: An empirical test amongst six societies based on a transactional-relational model", Journal of World Business, Vol 48: 373-384. (SSCI/2013 5-year impact factor was 3.526, up from 3.039 in 2013, ranking 22 out of 110 journals.)
  • CHONG, MPM, FU, PP and SHANG, YF, (2013). "Relational power and influence strategies: a step further in understanding power dynamics", Chinese Management Studies, Vol 7(1): 53-73. (SSCI/2013: 0.327; 5-year impact factor: 0.481)

Book Chapters

  • SHANG, YF, FU, PP and CHONG, MPM, (2012). "Relational power in the Chinese context", The Handbook of Chinese Organizational Behavior: Integrating Theory, Research and Practice, Huang, X. and Bond, M. (eds), Edward Elgar, United Kingdom, pp 436-448.
  • CHONG, MPM, (2008). "A study of human resource management policies and practices in Japanese subsidiaries in Hong Kong", Japanese Studies in the Asia-Pacific Region, T A Mito, C M Ho and Y M Wong (eds), Society of Japanese language Education, ISBN: 9789628494873, China, Hong Kong, PRC, 1 September 2008, Chapter 16, pp 143-152.

Conference Proceedings/Conference Papers, Abstracts/Invited Presentations

  • CHONG, MPM, (2018). "Organizational political tactics: Hanfei’s Legalist doctrines of leadership", 78th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, The Academy of Management, 10-14 August 2018, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
  • CHONG, MPM, (2018). "A practice-based empirical research: The mediating effect of regulatory-focus behavior in the relationship between perceived instructor support, justice and student creativity", 5th Teaching & Education Conference, IISES International Institure of Social and Economic Sciences, 19-22 June 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • SHANG YF, CHONG, MPM and XU, J, (2017). "Authentic leadership and creativity: The role of regulatory-focused behaviors and power sources", 77th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, The Academy of Management, 4-8 August 2017, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
  • CHONG, MPM, (2016). "Conducting management research: creativity and feasibility", Invited guest seminar, Xi’an Jiaog Tong University, 8-14 October, 2016, Xi’an, China.
  • CHONG, MPM and SHANG YF, (2016). "Which comes first, culture or leadership? An investigation of a mediation model on commitment", 76th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, The Academy of Management, 5-10 August 2016, Anaheim, CA, USA.
  • CHONG, MPM, FU, PP, and ZHU XJ, (2015). "Influence behaviors and work outcomes: Effects of Attributions” 75th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, The Academy of Management, 7-11 August 2015, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • CHONG, MPM, FU, PP, WONG, N, and QU, Q, (2014). "Paternalistic leaders and desirable followers: The role of followers’ personal values", (Penal Session, Latest developments in personal values: Research in the Chinese context), 74th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, The Academy of Management, 31 Jul 2014 - 5 Aug 2014, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
  • CHONG, MPM, (2013). "Assertive influence behavior and attributional processes: Internal, External, Relational and Situational", Academy of International Business (AIB) Southeast Asia Regional Conference, Hong Kong Institute of Business Studeis (HKIBS) & Lingnan University, 5-7 December, 2013, Bali, Indonesia.
  • CHONG, MPM, FU, PP, and SHANG, YF, (2012). "Relational power and influence strategies: An integrative model of power-dependency theory and guanxi", AAOM Annual Meeting, The Asia Academy of Management, 10-12 December, 2012, Seoul, Korea.
  • CHONG, MPM, RICHARDS, M, PENG, TK, FU, PP, MÜETHEL, M, SHANG, YF and CALDAS, MP, (2012). " Relational attributions: An examination on a multiple mediation model of LMX and guanxi ", 72nd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, The Academy of Management, 3-7 August 2012, Boston, MA, USA.