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20180212 The Third Part of the CityU Sustainability Lecture Series 20171130 AIS Graduation Ceremony The Second Part of the CityU Sustainability Lecture Series
20170916_PLAN 20170728_AIS&SEARC_ExpertWorkshop_AISWEB 20170325-26 Workshop on Labour Geography
20170331 STILL FUKUSHIMA 夕陽の昇るとき 20170403 20170303 The CityU Sustainability Lecture Series
20170116 Alumni Gathering 2017 20161209 GROW's Harvest Day 2016 20161124 Seminar by Prof TSUNEO NISHDA
20161123 AIS Graduation Ceremony 20161110-17 Japanese Culture Exhibition 20161001-04 Curatorial Workshop
20160625-27 ISA Asia-Pacific Conference 20160620 June Corn Festival 20160518 Tea Event
20160426-30 GE2239 Food Waste, City Life and Sustainability 20160427-29 Good Food Food Habit, Identity, Health, and Morals 20160307 AIS-SEARC Eminent Scholar Series by Professor Jack Goldstone
20160229 Asian Migration and Diasporas Workshop & Book Series Launch 2016 20151204 Retreat 20151121 Asian Cultural Heritage Week
20151005 AIS Book Launch Student Life