Centre for Applied Computing and Interactive Media

The Centre promote state of the art high-performance computing in scientific research, engineering practice, media technology and creative arts to enhance the University's academic and industrial competitiveness. The services contain High Performance Computing (HPC), Virtual Reality System (VR system) and disk storage. In HPC, users can use the 64 processors compute server for his computing job. The service of VR system involves the 16 processors visualization server and virtual reality room. The details of charged service can be found at Downloads page.


Interested parties shall complete the revised application form as attached herewith and submitted the same for Research Program In-charge approval. The estimated process time for each application is application is approximately 5 working days. The application form can be found at Downloads page.

Nature of Research Program

All applicants shall indicate the nature of their research program in the application form, in particular, whether they fall within anyone of the five categories as listed below:

  1. Computational Electro Magnetism leads by Prof. Chi Chan
  2. Computational Fluid Dynamics leads by Prof. Johnny Chan
  3. Computational Mechanics leads by Prof. KM Liew
  4. Computational Physics leads by Prof. Michel Van Hove
  5. Others (ACIM account)

The other research program members will be paid by ACIM account.

Also, we are welcome other universities and companies to explore joint project opportunities. Please send an email to acim@cityu.edu.hk for details.