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One of the primary aims of our project is to understand student intellectual property in relation to the overall mission of modern universities and the evolving context of contemporary technology and student life. In light of such an understanding, we shall investigate the current state of student intellectual property management within the modern university setting and explore ways in which such policies can be improved. This research will enable us to produce a web-based resource that shall be the definitive resource not only for information about current student intellectual property management but also for ideas about how to improve such policies. We are especially interested in analyzing and understanding these phenomena in the specific case of Hong Kong higher education and the particular context of overseas student experiences.

The project consists of an international conference and workshop featuring some of the world's leading authorities on student intellectual property management. The international conference will offer a forum for the invited experts to present their experiences, thoughts, and recommendations for developing and implementing policies governing student intellectual property. The workshop, on the following day, will explore a variety of particular problem cases that present challenges to student intellectual property management and invite open discussion guided by expert practitioners aimed at responding to these difficulties and developing policies that can cope with these and related challenges.


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