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Proactive approach in promoting student IP

A proactive approach in promoting student IP on the one hand allows the policy to be widely circulated, and on the other hand reduce the risk of unmanageable cost and unnecessary disputes. Two aspects of work can be done to promote a proactive approach as explained below.

Policy level

According to Carnegie Mellon University’s IP policy, “If the university fails to notify a creator, effectively and in advance, of limitations imposed on his IP rights by external/ internal sponsorship agreements, the creator is entitled to receive from the university 50% of net proceeds to the university resulting from his IP.”

Operational level

The University of Melbourne made a comprehensive and easy-to-read brochure to introduce fundamentally IP knowledge to students and staff. Intellectual Property for Students and Supervisors. (Melbourne Research: 2013)

Policy revision procedures

A good policy revision process provides platforms for various stakeholders to express the opinions.

The policy revision process at Carnegie Mellon University

Proposed Amendments

The following parties can initiate a policy revision

  • Faculty Senate
  • Staff Council
  • University Administration

Approved by a two-thirds majority of votes in the Faculty Senate

Public Discussion

Public Discussion will involve the following parties

  • Faculty
  • Administration
  • Staff
  • Students


Approved by a two-thirds majority of votes in the Faculty Senate


Final Steps:

  • Approved by the President of the University
  • Adopted by the University Trustees